All U.S. consumers with credit cards and debit cards will soon receive, if they haven’t already: new “SMART CARDS”, to replace their old credit/debit cards. In layman’s terms: this means that your old magnetic striped cards will now contain a computer micro chip that cannot be counterfeited, copied, or “cloned” by thieves/crooks/hackers/etcetera.

A-1 MERCHANT SOLUTIONS will upgrade your credit card processing equipment with no cost to you or your business! No monthly cost. No up-front cost. No Lease cost. No Rental cost. No annual fee. No early termination fees. No installation fees. No maintenance fees. No contract.

The date of the merchant fraud shift is already here for some businesses, and rapidly approaching for other United States businesses. Your business must upgrade its equipment and you must do it as soon as possible.

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Why wait? Our solutions give you the best option to upgrade with no financial cost to you and no legal binding long-term contract.

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