Merchants DO NOT pay processing fees.


  • No gimmicks,
  • No catches,
  • No asterisks.

Our company is partnered with a special processor that handles this “near-zero” processing program. Our partner company was established in 1971 and currently handles over 6 million merchant accounts executing 2,300 transactions per second. With over 23,000 agents and serving 118 countries: they are the largest in the industry. Together: we offer a simple solution to age old processing expenses. Built on cutting-edge technology, security, and always putting our customers first.

It’s really very simple:

  1. Your business collects a small administrative fee from the customer for all products and services the merchant offers, then offers a whole discount of the small administrative fee for customers paying with cash.  Just like at most gas pumps.
  2. The small administrative fee is applied towards the processing bill and offsets most of the fees for credit card processing. So your business ends up with a “near-zero” credit card processing bill/statement.
  3. The program has a very small monthly investment amount, from $39-$200, depending on your monthly credit card volume, because the equipment has a cost & the software programmed inside the equipment is uniquely customized to:
    1. Have the sales receipt show the small administrative fee as a separate line item
    2. Transmit the surcharge amount in distinct authorization & clearance data fields


How it works

A new & simple way to process: A small 0.0399 fee is added to every credit or debit card transaction whether it is swiped or manually entered. For example, a credit card purchase of $1.00 would come to $1.04, $10.00 purchase would be $10.40, $100.00 purchase would be $103.99

This small fee will eliminate your credit card processing fees for good. Regardless, if you process $1000 or $100,000 your business will no longer pay fees. It will also eliminate the need to have a minimum purchase price. With our program you will only pay a small monthly program fee that covers the equipment, proprietary program, paper, customer service & support.

Equipment included: Your new terminal is PCI, EBT, EMV compliant, works with all POS systems and accepts all cards including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

click on the following link for our current CASH DISCOUNT BROCHURE (when the thumbnail appears: click on it to see the full 6-page brochure):

A-1 Merchant Services – ZERO Processing Fees Program 


“What will the customers think?”

Most consumers are accustom to paying small fees and often they go unnoticed as fees this small are routinely nothing more than pocket change. In the rare instance a customer does not want to pay the fee, they always have the option to pay with cash. It truly is a simple program that will save you money one swipe at a time. See the results first hand from a few of our current, more than satisfied customers


Current Customers:

“When presented this cash discount program I was skeptical, but I was paying on average of $800 per month in credit card fees. We have switched processors many times. All promising you a better rate. Well, I have finally found what we have been looking for, 0% processing! Saving our business thousands! Bring on the cards, we are ready!”
– Kirk / West Branch, MI

“After years of paying an excessive amount of money and fees to credit card companies, we were approached with the “no fee”’ program. At first we were hesitant and worried about customer reactions. We decided to give it a shot, and the program WORKED! Now the family business is saving an average $750/month! Complaints are almost non-existent, on the contrary many say “all business’s need this.” I highly recommend every business jump on board with this program. Put your money back into your pocket and back in to your business. It prevents raising prices and charging minimums…”
– Josh / Harrisville, MI

“I am very satisfied with this program. It has been working great for my business.”
– Debra / Livonia, MI

“The biggest fear was what are my customers going to say? After three months, only one person mentioned it and they paid cash! With my savings, I finally get to vacation and I gave two employees a raise.”
– Dave / Lansing, MI


Guess who has already started saving on these fees:

  • Gas stations – 10 cents per gallon (The average American consumer spends an extra $300 per year because they just want to conveniently swipe at the pump).
  • ATM’s – $4.35 average cost for consumers to access their own money. (There are over 1 million ATM transactions every day)
  • All major cell phone carriers Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile ask for a convenience fee to pay with a credit card over the phone.
  • All utility companies including DTE, Consumers Energy, Comcast, and DISH. Average of $6.50
  • All national, state and local governments including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS. 2-6%
  • Auto Repair, Auto Dealerships, Towing Companies, Parking Garages, Cleaners, Take-Out/Delivery Restaurants, Pubs/Bars, Bakeries, Boutiques, Doctor & Dentists Offices, Dry Cleaners, Funeral Homes, Law Offices, Pet Grooming, Pizza Delivery, Fine-Dining Restaurants, Smoke Shops, Limousine Companies, Moving Companies, Convenience & Liquor Stores,  and many others!


Program Benefits

  • Accepts all forms of Credit and Debit Cards
  • BBB A+ Rated Processing Company
  • Customers have the option to pay in cash
  • Merchants can save money without raising prices and penalizing cash paying customers
  • No longer need to have a minimum purchase price

In addition, we keep you abreast of all new compliance issues in the country and in your state, so that you never need worry about such things: after all, you have a business to run! We will register  your business, as required, as a business that surcharges with VISA, MasterCard, & Discover. Our program also is inclusive of the proper disclosure signage that your business must display at the customer point of entry and at every point of sale register. We will send you all the signage you need.


Do-It-Yourself?  Not a Good Idea:

If you’re thinking of doing this on your own, you might want to think again. It’s not quite as simple as that. You could step on a couple landmines if you’re not careful.
Several of the new surcharging rules require changes to point of sale terminals and the processing platforms that run credit card transactions on. Some examples:

  1. Sales receipts. There are rules and tax requirements that require that for added amounts on transactions: the sales receipt must show the additional amount as a separate line item. If you do this wrong: the added fees may become taxable income, and with our program: that is not a concern and will save you even more money come tax time! Most processors don’t offer point of sale terminals that have this functionality. You could always use handwritten receipts and pencil in the surcharge line, but for most businesses that would be incredibly inefficient.
  2. Processing fields. Here it gets a little more technical. Visa and MasterCard rules also require that for surcharged transactions, the surcharge amount be transmitted in distinct authorization and clearance fields. This is something your processor has to handle.
  3. So while it’s tempting to start surcharging on a do-it-yourself approach, it’s better to use a proven surcharging system instead of relying on manual processes. The margin for error here creates too much risk for your business.

Luckily, we are ahead of the curve on this. We have sophisticated solutions that automatically apply the right charges at the right time.

We make sure you’re not you’re not charging above your actual credit card processing cost. Our services also help you meet the necessary disclosure requirements. We send you signage you can put in your store to let customers know about your cash discount or surcharging policy. And, as mentioned, we will provide a point-of-sale terminal that makes sure your sales receipts clearly reflect those charges.

We are your cash discount & surcharge-friendly merchant processor, who is also tasked with staying up on the latest changes in state laws and regulations around surcharging, cash discounts, and convenience fees. And that is no task you would want to take on yourself. It requires continuous monitoring, and making changes where necessary to signage, sales receipts and hardware. Partner with us, be compliant, and save money on credit card processing as never before and you’ll never have to switch processors again ( since: who can do better than near-zero rates ? ) !

Download the “Near-Zero” Credit Card Processing Program Information Packet

Want to be a sales rep for us?

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We are the “largest up-front pay & monthly residuals company in the merchant services industry” with “Near-Zero” Credit Card Processing Program.

Reps who sell this product will:

  1. Earn from $200 to $5,000++ PER ACCOUNT: UP-FRONT DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY
  2. The average sale will net an agent/partner $2500-$4,000 per sale per year & most reps make 2-3 sales per WEEK!
  3. Double-Triple the industry norms regarding monthly residuals
  5. Experience almost no attrition of accounts or no loss of accounts (because who will switch with a zero sized bill?)
  6. Sell a product unique to the industry, that as far as we know: are one of the only companies in the world selling this product correctly, within the exact rules & regulations as stated by MasterCard/VISA/Discover, and all Federal & State laws.  This adds up to almost no competition AT ALL!
  7. The product almost always will show prospects 75%-95% savings on their prospects monthly credit card processing costs.







Why are you imposing a customer service charge on all your products and services?

A:  Credit Card companies charge us up to an effective rate of 5% on each and every credit & debit card transaction, after adding in all the interchange fees,  taxes, regulatory fees, assessments, statement fees, batch fees, gateway fees, authorization fees, and other miscellaneous fees. These merchant fees make it difficult for us to run our business profitably. In order to remain profitable, we now have to add a customer service charge on all our products & services,  in order to offset the high cost of accepting credit cards.  This, of course, isn’t fair to customers who choose to pay with cash, so we also offer a cash discount equal to the added customer service charge we have added to all products & services.


Are you making money off of the additional customer service charge added to the price of all your products & services?

A:  No.  The additional customer service charge added to the price of all our products & services is not more than the effective fees we pay to the credit card processing company.


But you never added a customer service charge to the price of all your products & services before, why now?

A:  Merchant fees on all credit & debit cards keep increasing and many more of our customers are using credit & debit cards. If we didn’t add the additional expenses to the price of all our products & services, we would be forced to cut payroll or other expenses which would decrease our customer service abilities. The result would be our customers experiencing unacceptable levels of satisfaction, which in turn would make us dissatisfy and possibly lose customers. We may no longer be able to serve our small community with the same high level of satisfaction our customers have come to know and enjoy over the years.


Is adding an additional customer service charge added to the price of all your products & services and then offering an equal discount to cash paying consumers, fair?

A:  Yes it is. In fact: it’s fairer – now our pricing is more transparent.  The cash discount allows us to set our retail prices based on our actual costs.  Consider this: every business out there prices their goods & services based on the competitive marketplace and the profitability level that makes sense.  All businesses price their good & services to absorb variable & fixed costs such as rent, wages, gas, electricity, taxes, credit card fees, and more, correct?   So: businesses already calculate in their pricing the cost of credit card fees, correct? This means that cash paying customers pay higher prices to help subsidize those customers who choose to pay with credit cards, correct?   Our policy of a cash discount, “evens the playing field”,  and rewards customers who pay with cash,  because cash doesn’t add such an extra expense to our cost of doing business as credit & debit card transactions do.


Is adding an additional customer service charge to the price of all your products & services and then offering an equal discount to cash paying consumers, legal?

A:  Yes it is. An additional service charge to all our products and services is legal with our business type. Certain businesses, such as utilities, need legislative and/or voter approval to raise prices. We do not. We are choosing to add a customer service charge to all our products & services, which are equal to or less than our costs for accepting credit & debit cards, to be more transparent to our customers by disclosing it with signage & and on the credit & debit card transaction receipts.  

Cash discounts are legal in every state and allowed by the credit card companies.

So …………………. Let’s get started!

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We’re looking to recruit experienced sales reps. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL: SUSAN CLAWSON: