Virtual Terminals for Recurring Billing Needs and Credit Card & ACH processing:

All you need is Your Computer or Mobile Device, Our Solution, and a High Speed Internet Connection!

Your computer or mobile device can be your credit card terminal, and for many merchants, it is all they need. A-1 Merchant Solutions, an independent agent of CCBizPro, partnered with Integrity Payment Systems, offers their “Money Gate” system, taking payments through a completely web-based process is easy, secure, and inexpensive. Money Gate is a next generation tool, perfect for smaller and many larger merchants, it is a completely web-based way to go. All a merchant has to do is log into a secure account and key in or swipe the transaction using a card swiper.

Advantages of using a Virtual Terminal:

  • Utilizing our virtual terminal, a merchant can immediately key in transactions and start accepting cards. It is amazingly convenient, low cost, and a quick-start solution. Perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • If a merchant chooses to utilize a card swiper, Integrity can deploy the equipment in one day and the merchant can use the virtual terminal until the swiper arrives.
  • Security benefits are built in. The virtual terminal incorporates an advanced security aspect called tokenization, which means that after the card is processed, the sensitive portion of the transaction is converted into a token. The merchant can access a transaction, print a receipt, void a transaction, re-fund the card, and complete other tasks using the token instead of customer’s sensitive cardholder information.

Additional Features of Integrity’s Money Gate:

  • MoneyGate allows different security levels for different users. The user access allows administrative roles, sale only, void only, refund only and so on, which makes the virtual terminal safe and secure for use by all employees.
  • Recurring billing can be set up, along with numerous reporting options utilized as well. Thesystem can send email notifications to any employee, to customers, to recurring customers and so on.
  • MoneyGate allows for eCommerce transactions via a merchant’s website. It is perfect for website shopping carts, non-profits and charitable institutions that accept donations online.